Express Headshots Portfolio
Duration 45 min 2 hrs 3 hrs
Photos 300 800 1500
Looks 3 5 10
Retouched 2 5 10
Price $300 $475 $600
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* All headshot packages include an unlimited number of digital headshots. The number displayed is an average for the time allocated.
** Digital files of headshots with basic retouching, name and border.

hire a stylist for your shoot (optional)

You can arrive at the photo shoot camera-ready or bring a stylist. We also have an experienced in-house stylist available for makeup and hair. The charge is $150 for women and $75 for men. 

How it Works 

You can order different headshots packages to suit your needs. Each package includes at least 600 photos, online proof sheets and basic retouching on one (or more) headshots. Basic headshot retouching includes getting rid of blemishes and stray hairs, lightening under the eyes, brightening the smile and blurring wrinkle lines. You can also select headshot borders and fonts for your name. 

 After the Photo Session

At the end of the shoot you will be able to view all the photos from any computer. You can go through them and decide which headshots you'd like to have retouched, which border you want, and what kind of font you'd like for your name. We suggest that you email the headshots proofs to agents, managers, or friends to help you decide what looks best. When you've figured out what headshots you want, contact me with the number of the photos you have selected. In one to two business days, your images will be ready. To be sure we've got exactly the right headshots, I'll email you a proof by email. When you've approved the retouched photo, it will be sent to the photo lab of your choice. You can then call or visit the lab to order your reproductions.

At the end of the shoot I will upload the photos to your to your own privacy protected webpage where you will have direct access to your photos. This allows you to share your photos with agents managers your friends and family. From any computer you can download files for your use. If you want a disk it is available for 15 dollars.