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A headshot is an actor’s visual calling card. No matter how talented you are, you still need a headshot that leaps out at casting directors and makes an impression that lasts. A great headshot is a tool that always opens doors. 

What makes a great headshot? The first thing to know is that your eyes do the talking. They tell a casting director who you are, speak of what’s special and individual about you. Your eyes are what first catches the viewer’s attention, compelling him to linger. A commanding headshot gives you the competitive edge that gets you the audition you want. 

The creation of standout headshots is always a collaboration between actor and photographer. With years of editorial photography and commercial advertising under my belt, I have the experience required to give you a productive session in a setting that makes you feel confident. My work has appeared in such publications as Vanity Fair, GQ, Rolling Stone, Vibe, The New York Times and Newsweek. In my career I’ve photographed celebrities who are used to having their picture taken, but my greatest satisfaction has come with the headshot that got an actor that first job and kept the jobs rolling in. As an artist, I’m stimulated by challenges. My goal is to make every client feel celebrated and to make you look better than you ever thought you could. Beyond that, show you images that expand and develop your sense of your “look”. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic rookie, I’ll work with you to get the headshots you need to compete successfully in the world of acting.